Jun 8, 2013


Last year we took a trip to Arcadia and had a blast. Several times we tried going to Jordan's Pond for popovers, but nap times kept getting in the way. To solve our popover disappointment, we bought two package of their popover mix. Well it's being almost a year and I had yet to bake them. Why you may ask? Well I discovered that the pans are not so cheap. Finally remembered to ask one of my neighbors to borrow theirs.

The instructions are not too clear for someone who has never made popovers before, but I went with my best guess.

They suggest you refrigerate overnight, which is exactly what I did. I thought it would rise like bread, but it didn't.
Off to the oven they went. I was worried because it says to bake at 450 for 14mins, then for 15mins at 350.

 These babies look good, not bad for my first go around.

 Add some butter and enjoy. The kids had it with jelly

 Of course I had it with some tea. Yummy