Oct 12, 2013

Bacon Souffle

I had always wanted to try and make a soufflĂ©. I love the ones that Panera sells, so I took on the challenge. The process isn't hard, but the it takes technique.  I burned the first try but will give it another try soon.

PS: Since I'm posting these late, I don't have the steps I took fresh in my head, so the pictures have to speak for themselves.

Brown and cool the pancetta

I thought I had it down, but I was working with a crappy oven and they burned

 It was still very flavorful, but the smoothness of the crust wasn't there

Quick Dinners - Couscous with Mahi Mahi

This meal took less than half hour to cook. Brown the Mahi Mahi in some olive oil and add salsa and let it cook till fish is flaky. I added some cilantro for flavor. Serve over couscous and you have yourself a quick but delicious dinner.