Mar 8, 2011

Pizza anyone?

I feel like I haven't blogged in years when in actuality it's only being two weeks!!

Life has been busy, but that hasn't stopped me from baking and trying my very best to fight the ever growing battle with my good old friend "yeast".

Hubby and I have decided to make Friday nights, Pizza Nights.  We had a very good friend that made the first batch of yeast dough for us.  We've enjoyed eating homemade pizza so far, even though I have yet to make a yeast dough on my own.

Enjoy the pictures below of the delicious pizzas we've had. I hope to make a yeast dough soon.

Cornmeal dough

Spianch with feta cheese on cornmeal dough

Pepperoni on regular yeast dough

Half Chicken/half cheese on regular yeast dough