Dec 5, 2013

Curry Squash Empanadas

For Thanksgiving, I was to bring the Turkey balls I did last year and I suggested pumpkin empanadas.  Two weeks prior, my sisters and I had gone to a Thai restaurant that had the most delicious curry pumpkin empanadas and I was determined to recreate some.  To my dismay, when I went grocery shopping, there were NO cooking pumpkins. What's a girl that loves to improvise to do, but to improvise and use the squash I had at home already.  I was a bit apprehensive taking it for Thanksgiving because they were expecting pumpkins and I was bringing squash that not too many of them like to eat anyway.

I cooked the cubed squash in the oven and then sautéed some onions on the stovetop and added curry powder and my seasonings. Sorry, no pictures. I was trying to work with two toddlers at the same time.

I then went searching for empanada dough recipes online. I found several and one that actually had squash as the stuffing. Authentic Suburban Gourmet's recipe was the easiest I could find.  Hers looked so good and simple, I had to try.

I made a little bit of her mint and cilantro chutney to go with it
All my worries were put to rest when DH eat a whole one from the first batch. Once I shared with the entire family during dinner, it was a hit. I've been asked to make them again at least three times now. I don't know if it's the crust or what, BUT they loved them.

Oct 12, 2013

Bacon Souffle

I had always wanted to try and make a soufflĂ©. I love the ones that Panera sells, so I took on the challenge. The process isn't hard, but the it takes technique.  I burned the first try but will give it another try soon.

PS: Since I'm posting these late, I don't have the steps I took fresh in my head, so the pictures have to speak for themselves.

Brown and cool the pancetta

I thought I had it down, but I was working with a crappy oven and they burned

 It was still very flavorful, but the smoothness of the crust wasn't there

Quick Dinners - Couscous with Mahi Mahi

This meal took less than half hour to cook. Brown the Mahi Mahi in some olive oil and add salsa and let it cook till fish is flaky. I added some cilantro for flavor. Serve over couscous and you have yourself a quick but delicious dinner.

Jun 27, 2013

Chocolate Banana Bread

One of the breads I absolutely love is banana bread. A warm banana bread and a cup of tea always make my day. I should make it more often, but sometimes I get lazy. I almost always will have over-ripped bananas that do not get eaten in time. I usually freeze them until I muster up enough energy to make Ackara (a W. African finger food that I will blog about soon). My kids will eat it all up in one sitting if I let them.

Today I wanted to jazz up the banana bread, so I added chocolate. BTW, most of my recipes I get from the Joy of Baking website. I just love the videos and that the recipes have been tested. Their instructions are precise and easy to follow. However, being the person I am, I almost always change something in it because I sometimes don't like to follow directions. ha ha..

I lessen the sugar from 1cup to 3/4cup and instead of using chocolate chips, I used 3 blocks bakers chocolate that I chopped up. I didn't have chocolate chips and figured this would work. Didn't have any nuts on hand, so I forgo that as well.


I like my bananas a bit lumpy

As I was prepping, my DH was watching Master Chef and of-course in true form he starting timing me while using his best British accent. If you know us, you will know that I had to play along. I started using my Afri-Itali accent and he shot this video.

One thing I always worry about is the banana settling in the bottom and it breaking when taking out of the pan. This time I must say it is perfection. I love it.

The finished bread. Looks, smells and tastes delicious. Even DH who doesn't like banana said it is goooood and chocolaty. Exactly what I wanted to hear.

Jun 8, 2013


Last year we took a trip to Arcadia and had a blast. Several times we tried going to Jordan's Pond for popovers, but nap times kept getting in the way. To solve our popover disappointment, we bought two package of their popover mix. Well it's being almost a year and I had yet to bake them. Why you may ask? Well I discovered that the pans are not so cheap. Finally remembered to ask one of my neighbors to borrow theirs.

The instructions are not too clear for someone who has never made popovers before, but I went with my best guess.

They suggest you refrigerate overnight, which is exactly what I did. I thought it would rise like bread, but it didn't.
Off to the oven they went. I was worried because it says to bake at 450 for 14mins, then for 15mins at 350.

 These babies look good, not bad for my first go around.

 Add some butter and enjoy. The kids had it with jelly

 Of course I had it with some tea. Yummy