Dec 5, 2013

Curry Squash Empanadas

For Thanksgiving, I was to bring the Turkey balls I did last year and I suggested pumpkin empanadas.  Two weeks prior, my sisters and I had gone to a Thai restaurant that had the most delicious curry pumpkin empanadas and I was determined to recreate some.  To my dismay, when I went grocery shopping, there were NO cooking pumpkins. What's a girl that loves to improvise to do, but to improvise and use the squash I had at home already.  I was a bit apprehensive taking it for Thanksgiving because they were expecting pumpkins and I was bringing squash that not too many of them like to eat anyway.

I cooked the cubed squash in the oven and then sautéed some onions on the stovetop and added curry powder and my seasonings. Sorry, no pictures. I was trying to work with two toddlers at the same time.

I then went searching for empanada dough recipes online. I found several and one that actually had squash as the stuffing. Authentic Suburban Gourmet's recipe was the easiest I could find.  Hers looked so good and simple, I had to try.

I made a little bit of her mint and cilantro chutney to go with it
All my worries were put to rest when DH eat a whole one from the first batch. Once I shared with the entire family during dinner, it was a hit. I've been asked to make them again at least three times now. I don't know if it's the crust or what, BUT they loved them.