Jan 23, 2011

Flaky buttermilk biscuits

The idea of making homemade biscuits is so delicious that I jumped at the chance to make some.  Hubby was making Pork Chops Forestiere and I thought that you can't have them without biscuits.  The last time I made biscuits, they were huuuugggggggeee. Unfortunately, I can't find pictures to post here.

This recipe was so easy; chilled butter, buttermilk, salt, honey and flour. I didn't think I could go wrong until I read that I had to roll the dough.  Why would that be a problem, you ask??

I DON'T HAVE A ROLLING PIN!!! Well I didn't say I had this baking thing down yet.

I know I've been saying that I'm getting one but haven't yet (that's another post).

Anyway, I did the mixture and used my makeshift rolling pin

Yes that's a thermos. LOL

It was hard to roll, next challenge was how to cut them into circles. When in doubt, make your own. I use a glass.

Are you sensing problems already??

This is what they looked like in the oven.
I'm thinking I didn't do all of them thick enough. Well you judge for yourself. 

All in all, I made plenty of mistakes in making these. I left my mixture sitting while tending to my daughter (DH), so the butter started melting. I didn't use the right equipment and I may have over mix. It didn't rise (not sure what happened there).

One thing you can't take away from this disaster is how it taste; IT WAS GREAT!!

Family loved it regardless of the lack of rising.  Got to love them for eating my experiments.