Jan 16, 2011

First bread experience

Once I decided to start this journey, I immediately wanted to try my hand at bread making.  Not sure if that was the best decision, but I'm glad that I did because it thought me that I shouldn't be jumping into a fire without knowing where the fire extingisher was LOL.

I searched the web for plenty of easy recipes, when I thought that I found one that I was ok with it took me two days to finally get the flour down and get to the baking.

Problem I immdiately encountered was with good old yeast, IT WILL NOT RISE!!!  I followed the recipe exactly as stated, left the bread to rise AND NOTHING HAPPENED.  Needless to say I was perplexed. 

Called the hubby and vented on my lack of rising and his response was "when Mom used to make it, it didn't take that long".  Didn't do much for my confident that he was conparing my non-baking skills to his mother's great breads she used to make.

I stuck with it though, and after many hours of waiting for it to rise. I went back online to find out how to revive a bread that wouldn't rise. Good OLD INTERNET had a solution.

Didn't really work as you can see by the photo, but it tasted GREAT.
Good thing we were having seafood stew, so the bread came in handy.

After this experience, I decided to hold of on the bread obsession for now and focus on breakfast ideas. They seem simple enough.