Jan 19, 2014

Egg McMuffin and Hash Brown

My favorite cooking show on TV is The Chew. I absolutely love Carla Hall, she is my inner funky sister.  For Christmas dinner we made Michael Symon's Turketta with Salas Verde, I'll post pictures separately. It was too die for. Everyone enjoyed it and wanted seconds.

Symon made his version of McDonald's egg Mcmuffin and hash brown and I thought that would be something fun for a Saturday morning. I don't really care for the Mickey D's version but this was awesome because I knew what went into it and it was easy to fix.

I followed his recipes found here and hash brown's here.

Breakfast was a hit with two adults,  myself and a friend. My husband only eats soft fried eggs, so none of that for him. Kids didn't care for the hash browns, so they eat part eggs and bacon. Don't know if I'll try this one again for my family but it's a good quick breakfast for a brunch or something.