Feb 12, 2011

No eggs you say!!

I've been under the weather lately baking was not part of the recuperating strategy.  However, by weeks end of no muffins for breakfast, I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms.   I finally decided I'll bake something, but then PROBLEM.  I was out of eggs and going to the store was not an option.

Sooooo, I put it off and had oatmeal instead.  That didn't cure my longing to bake though.

The next day, I decided to bake eggless. Big undertaking since I had never looked at an eggless recipe before. Did I have the right ingredients or was I stepping myself up for the STOP sign again. 

Off to the cloud I went.  I found a really easy blue berry muffin recipe and I had everything except for lemon (I substituted with cardamon).  I'm getting permission from the site's owner and I'll include the link later.

I was very surprise at the ease of mixing and baking. What was more surprising was the taste. It was DELICIOUS!!!  I never thought that I would like items baked without eggs and butter (oh yeah there was no butter included. I did use vegetable oil).

You be the judge, visually anyway.